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During 2007 it became clear that there was a need in the area to provide permanent residence for persons with learning disabilities who lived with parents or guardians of advancing years, concerned as to what the future held when they could no longer fulfil their role.

A separate stand alone property company, Mustard Seed Property Ltd was formed in July 2007( Incorporated under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 2005 Registered No. 30293R). Its aim is to invest in residential property in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for use as supported accommodation for vulnerable adults. A six bedroomed house in Helston has been purchased and is now in use, with live - in support provided by a partner organisation  called Prospects for Living, a Christian charity.

Some capital for this venture was raised via a long term fixed interest loan from the  Triodos Bank, and the remainder by the issue of shares, and soft loans. Of the current 4 Directors of Mustard Seed Property Ltd. two are directors of Mustard Seed SW Ltd.

Mustard Seed  Property Ltd.  uses rental income to cover loan interest, a modest dividend payment promised to shareholders and company administration services provided by a company called Resonance, specialists in raising capital for community projects.

 Mustard Seed Property Ltd. intends to extend the portfolio of property held for the support of vulnerable adults as opportunities arise. This may involve outright ownership or partnerships for joint ownership. Further issues of shares may be made from time to time to raise further capital for additional property acquisitions, presenting local opportunities for ethical investment.

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