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Each day Monday to Friday, those we support prepare under the supervision of staff a variety of sandwiches and salads which are then taken to businesses around the town to provide tasty lunch time snacks. These are made within the Mustard Seed premises fully approved by the local authority for food preparation. Produce grown by local producers, and on the Mustard Seed allotment are used whenever possible.

In this way those with learning disabilities are encouraged to acquire life skills such as food preparation and hygiene, dealing with the general public and handling money. These skills can enable them to integrate more closely within society as a whole and if possible, lead to fulfilling employment opportunities in voluntary organisations or the commercial sector.

It is hoped to develop further some initial usage of our sandwich lunch services for provision of buffet lunches at business meetings held in the town. If you are working in a business or organisation in the Helston area and would like to find out more about our lunchtime sandwiches, salads and soft drinks at reasonable prices, or would like to discuss a menu for a light lunch at a business meeting please telephone 01326 564194

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