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Mustard Seed exists to enhance physical and spiritual well-being and achieves this by demonstrating the love of God through positive community action.
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As a means of providing 'hands on' gardening knowledge and experience for our students with learning disabilities a quarter acre allotment was acquired at a small rental from the National Trust.

Situated with pleasing views of the Cober valley and on a south facing slope,the land ,which is being progressively cleared after 30 years of  disuse, is very fertile. All cultivation is to organic principles with no usage of chemicals for pest control or artificial fertilisers.

A garden hut with water catchment has been built with a pond for water conservation dug.

The land has been progressively cultivated for 5 years by volunteers and those we support in the Mustard Seed  programme. 

Among the plantings are 40 fruit bushes, a strawberry row, a large rhubarb patch, and within two anti-rabbit incursion compounds,  peas, beans, red beet, onions, tomatoes, courgettes,  potatoes and winter vegetables are being grown for use in the vegetable box round, sandwich and salad round and the two cafes run by Mustard Seed.

It is quite a labour intensive allotment but if you could help with an hour or so every couple of weeks it would be greatly appreciated. Arthur Jackson our allotment guru would love to hear from you.


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