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Mustard Seed exists to enhance physical and spiritual well-being and achieves this by demonstrating the love of God through positive community action.
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Life Skills Kitchen


Part of our refurbishment involved converting a storage space into a life skills kitchen, that grand title simply means that we have an room set aside with a domestic cooker that meets full food hygiene requirements enabling our students to learn and practise cooking skills on a domestic cooker that they may find at home .

The workshop is usually hosted by one of our brilliant volunteers and involves cooking simple but substantial dishes or more commonly requested: cakes!

We have seen some of our students go from high dependence and direction in the kitchen to planning, implementing and consuming the product (normally a cake!) with minimal supervision.

It has been incredibly rewarding for all parties so see students produce food (normally cakes!) that are at such a high standard that we feel able to sell surplus in the cafe.

When not used for this purpose the kitchen is used to produce our sandwiches for delivery in the town or producing buffets for our event catering service.

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