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Mustard Seed exists to enhance physical and spiritual well-being and achieves this by demonstrating the love of God through positive community action.
Key Personnel
Health and Safety
Health and Safety

Mustard Seed implements an in-depth Health and Safety policy with trained responsible staff and endevours through policy, training and practice to instill a positive approach to the health and safety of our employees, students, user groups and customers.

Regular appropriate training occurs along with regular reviews and internal audits to maintain a healthy enviroment.

All our students have individual client based Risk Assesments personal to themselves in addition to the comprehensive practice and building Risk Assesments.

Mustard Seed remains grateful for the experience and skills that Mr David Gilbert our independent Health and Safety expert brings when he externally audits us.



 Mustard Seed operates an ongoing training matrix, including Induction training in Health and Safety, Food Handling, appropriate Adult Care and Support training as core subjects for both those we support as well as all staff, including volunteers.

Additional training courses are sought as needs / availablity arise.

All Volunteers and paid staff are given a full CRB check as part of the process of protecting those we are entrusted with.


Recently staff and volunteers underwent First Aid training in our new training room.



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